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Search Engine Optimization is the process that involves a dynamic research and in-depth observation to get the higher placements. We at Pro Web Technos have a very different approach when it comes to the SEO. We just don’t do something that everybody else is doing and we even don’t guarantee you the first page rankings in Google, to be honest. We have a unique set of SEO strategies and some of our own research that will ensure your good placements in the search results for the long term.

Social Media Activities

Facebook Promotion

Today, Facebook is the biggest social media platform and we have a totally different and practical strategy for the Facebook promotion. We also use the boost postpaid feature of the Facebook to market the website products and services to the right audiences. We have a dedicated team for creating the graphical and visual content for Facebook that will engage the users.

Twitter Promotion

We use the comprehensive Twitter marketing strategy to make your twitter handle more popular among your followers. We also create customized content for twitter and use the tools like HootSuite and Twitterfeed in order to set the automated tweets on your account. We follow the latest Twitter trend and also connect twitter to rest of the social media platforms for social sharing and social liking.

Youtube Promotion

Youtube is the most important video promotion tool today and we use Youtube for exclusive video marketing. We not only create the highest quality and creative Youtube videos for your brand, but we also share Youtube videos in various other social platforms to get liked and viewed by many people.

Google Plus Promotion

Google Plus is an important social media marketing tool and has its own importance in the social media. We use Google plus basically to promote the events through Google hangouts and Google events. We also create group hangouts and webinars in order to introduce any product or services to the users through Google plus. We also post unique and fresh content on the Google Plus page of the website to engage the users and get more +1s and shares on the content.

Pinterest Promotion

Pinterest is yet another important social media tool and is very popular these days especially for image promotion. We create the custom dashboard and then post pins exclusively on our Pinterest board and share them across the other profiles. We use the customized content for every pin and also add Pinterest sharing button in the visual content that we publish to the website.

Traffic Generation

Traffic is the key to any website and it is the backbone of the social media activities. We target every social media activity to generate a good relevant traffic to the website because that is our ultimate goal and that’s what we commit to our clients. We make sure that whatever we do in social media should have the positive impact on the targeted customers and thus more people would engage and associated with the brand and services.

Digital Branding

Social Media Marketing is a great tool for Digital Branding and us at Pro Web Technos are fully aware of this and adopt in our practice. Our team has some of the most competent and experienced social media experts with years of experience in the Digital Branding. They create a social media marketing campaign to improve the Digital Branding of your business and make more people aware of your business. We take every business very seriously and that’s why does everything whatever we can to create a brand for your business through social media optimization. We intend to go viral with brand new social media marketing strategies in all the top social media platforms just to make your business a brand.

Buzz Creation

Social media is all about Buzz, and without a buzz, no social media campaign would be successful. Here, what we are talking about is creating a unique social media recipe for your business or website that will go viral. We drive out some crazy ideas to create Buzz, maybe sharing the most creative photo or text or engaging users with some trivia, we use numerous logical techniques that relate to your brand to create a social Buzz and in this way we create great user engagement for your business.

Few Social Media Optimization Benefits you Enjoy at PWT are:

High Volume Traffic

Increase in search Engine Ranking

Increased online visibility and accessibility of your brand

Affordable online ads

Multiple, Relevant Inbound Links

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